Bon Bini Aruba

Bon Bini Aruba

28 May, 2023

Aruba! A Caribbean paradise with white beaches and swaying palm trees, clear blue water, a hospitable culture and a wonderful climate all year round. No surprise that it's also known as 'One Happy Island'.

Aruba is an ideal destination for an unforgettable holiday and a chance to get away from the changeable Dutch climate for a bit. Don't forget to pack your Lazamani slippers and sandals to go with your loveliest summer outfits. As Esra Laisina experienced too. She had a wonderful holiday, with our latest collection in her luggage, of course. In this blog, she takes you with her to this Caribbean paradise.

First, a bit about Aruba. The country is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and one of the ABC islands of the Lesser Antilles. The island covers an area of 180 km2, around the size of the Dutch island of Texel. With a population of nearly 120,000 people, its rocky, barren landscape features cacti and Divi Divi trees, which are shaped by the trade winds that blow across the island.

During our trip to Aruba, we visited lots of lovely places and enjoyed lying on the beach, walking in nature, eating lovely food and of course relaxing. And Aruba offers all that in abundance. This is an island whose relaxed, laid-back vibes really make it supremely calming. Brilliant!

Slippers 33.530 beige

And relaxing was no problem in the beautiful Boardwalk Boutique Hotel we stayed in. One of the many lovely accommodations on the island. Its location is so beautiful, surrounded by greenery and gorgeous flowers. Because the island is generally not very green. In my favourite slippers, I loved exploring the hotel's lovely garden. A totally relaxing experience!

Like on every evening in Aruba, we also enjoyed a fantastic sunset with some tasty crisps and local beers. Sunsets on Aruba are breathtaking. I really miss it!

Slippers 75.337 multi

Another sunset I remember fondly is the evening we bought a delicious smoothie from Mauchi Smooties! My go-to outfit that evening was a simple white dress which went perfectly with all the differently coloured slippers.

Mules 33.486 fuxia

After an afternoon on the beach, we also visited Oranjestad, Aruba's capital. We had a nice time wandering around and visiting little boutiques. For lunch, we headed to the port. This is always a bustling place, so fun to check out.

Sandals 75.298 taupe