Brightening the Icelandic cold

Brightening the Icelandic cold

12 October, 2023

Iceland, the land of ice and fire, where nature reveals its most enchanting side. This was the backdrop for our most recent photoshoot: "Brightening the Icelandic Cold." Here, we literally added some color to the Icelandic landscape with cheerful outfits. This adventure was a mix of unpredictable weather and breathtaking natural beauty. Our photographer, Chantal van den Broek, tells us more about the moments of this adventure.

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"Last July, I flew with MUAH artist Gerriet Brouwer and model Nicole Sietsema to a stunning destination: Iceland. We set out to capture the autumn and winter collection of Lazamani in this wondrous country, a paradise for nature lovers. Our photoshoot took place amid the impressive landscapes of waterfalls, black beaches, characteristic Icelandic houses, and purple flower fields".

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Iceland is renowned for its pristine nature, but the most beautiful spots are far from the capital, Reykjavik. Renting a car is thus an absolute must if you want to explore impressive Iceland.

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"It was important to consider the weather. Even in the summer, Iceland remains quite cool with daily temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius. That's why, in addition to colourful outfits and dresses, we also brought warm sweaters to stay comfortable during the shoot. Iceland's weather is known to be fickle, usually cloudy, and rainy. However, the sun made special appearances for Lazamani more often than usual"!

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"Choosing Iceland as the location was perfect, as it created a stunning contrast between the colourful Lazamani boots and the rugged, natural beauty of Iceland. The characteristic Icelandic houses and the purple flower fields gave our campaign a unique and enchanting look".

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Photographer: Chantal van den Broek
MUAH: Gerriet Brouwer
Model: Nicole Sietsema

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