Luxurious lounging on Lanzarote

Luxurious lounging on Lanzarote

01 June, 2023

Endless landscapes that reach infinitely into the distance, punctuated with volcanic terrain and occasional cactus. The island of Lanzarote is arid, but not desolate. Those who look around on this unique island can only marvel at so much natural beauty. And the best part? Summer arrives early and practically never leaves. It's time, therefore, to pack those summery outfits and sandals into our luggage. Prepare for an enchanting journey lined with palm trees, as Larissa Bruin did, complete with an abundance of 'Lazamani Moments'!

Lazamani Moments op Lanzarote

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I've previously visited a number of the Canary Islands, including Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Despite the calmness that pervades all these destinations, each one has a distinct charm. Lanzarote is no different. Less mountainous than Tenerife and not as bustling as Gran Canaria, Lanzarote offers a serene opportunity to appreciate Mother Nature in all her glory.

From several high vantage points, you get to marvel at the striking reddish-brown landscapes that predominate. There are also areas where the land is black, a sight that's truly remarkable. Against such a backdrop, I felt even brighter in my vibrant outfits complemented by colourful sandals.

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Besides panoramic vistas and tranquillity, Lanzarote also boasts charming seaside resorts and a variety of fun excursion opportunities. One prime example is Casa Omar Sharif, a place you absolutely must visit! This striking villa is built in an ancient quarry on the outskirts of the village of Nazaret. Despite the Egyptian actor Omar Sharif purportedly owning the house for just a few days, it continues to bear the name LagOmar.

While the museum is best suited for a stroll along the rocky steps, I enjoyed wearing my new mules there. Appealing yet sturdy, I was able to make my way through what felt like a captivating fairy tale. A similar network of lava caves is located in the north, at Jameos del Agua, where an artistic swimming pool has been installed.

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Castillo de San Gabriel in the capital, Arrecife, Jardín de Cactus (a real botanical garden teeming with cacti), and Timanfaya National Park are among other attractions that are definitely worth a visit. All of these sites are easily accessible by car.

We were especially keen on exploring the quaint town of Teguise, where you can savour delicious tapas, and Las Grietas, also known as ‘the cracks’, which are essentially fissures in a volcano created by erosion. Naturally, all these places are incredibly Instagrammable. Therefore, my go-to sandals for these sightseeing escapades were those adorned with colourful beads & rainbow glitters. They add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. They are great for long walks along the promenade, but also for taking that perfect snapshot when you stumble upon unique, breath-taking locations.

Lazamani Moment @ Lanzarote

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I thoroughly enjoyed my delightful days on Lanzarote. They were Lazamani Moments that I'll always cherish! Do you also have plans for a sun-drenched getaway? And which sandals are part of your itinerary?