The Mallorca Edit

The Mallorca Edit

07 June, 2023

Mallorca is indeed an enchanting destination that offers everything you need for a fantastic photoshoot or a sunny holiday. Breathtaking views, charming villages, and a beautiful Mediterranean coastline. Recently, a part of our collection was photographed on Mallorca in the spirit of Lazamani Moments; enjoyable moments with Lazamani on Mallorca.

Slippers 75.451 Multi Taupe

The colorful outfits of the shoot were a perfect match with the landscape of Mallorca, where the many colors of the flowers and plants came to life. The outfits were both stylish and comfortable, perfect for the warm days that Mallorca has to offer.

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During the shoot, we made use of various stunning locations, including a cozy apartment, charming spots, a colorful market, an azure bay, and as the icing on the cake, a beautiful boat in the harbor of Palma! Each of these locations provided a unique atmosphere and breathtaking view, making the photos even more varied and unforgettable.

Sandals 75.405 White

At the apartment, photos were taken of Lotte while she relaxed by the pool, enjoying the sunshine. The spots where photography took place were equally picturesque. Small streets and alleys provided a charming backdrop for the shoot.

Clogs 31.227 Cuoio

At the market, there were many interesting stalls and beautiful colors that truly brought the photos to life. Again a picturesque location where model Lotte wore her favorite outfit with clogs this time.

Slippers 75.807 Gold

Mallorca is a true paradise for nature lovers and adventurers! This enchanting island is full of beautiful villages and cities, including the historical Palma de Mallorca, where you can enjoy picturesque streets and a majestic cathedral. And how about the pristine beaches, the crystal-clear water, and the stunning vistas that you can admire here? Whether you prefer the quiet nature or the bustling city, you'll find it all in Mallorca!

Slippers 75.474 White

On the boat, Lotte was captured dancing in the harbor, pure joy! And last but not least, a location overlooking a bay with azure-blue water.

Slippers 75.386 Nude

It was a successful photoshoot with a beautiful collection of colorful outfits, perfect for the surroundings of Mallorca. With the many locations that were used, there was no shortage of inspiration for the photographer and the model. If you're looking for a photogenic and sunny destination, then Mallorca is the place to be! de place to be!

Photographer: Chantal van den Broek
Model: Lotte Schouten
Make-up Artist: Gerriet Brouwer